Monday, February 9, 2009

Snap Shots

Beautiful day – glorious sky, crisply-needled trees clicking in the wind, throwing prickly cones at our feet with abandon, as though saying, Don’t ignore us, look up, rejoice with us this golden day! Diminutive creek, bubbling noisily along despite the intrusion of drifting fiery leaves; the air transparent, rich and full, infused with watery yellowish hues.

Two girls dawdle along, heads bent toward each other, sharing secrets. One, braids of blackest hair, the other, brown/gold mane. Growing up even as I watch them giggle.

Chattering little boy - sturdy, inquisitive, quick. Brown as a caramel with eyes the color of pecans - a confection of God, translating the wonders surrounding his being into small-boy speak. A stick becomes a useful addition – he wields it majestically in arcs about his head, growling in his deepest tenor tones.

We walk slowly, reveling with nature as she peeks into her closet, pulling free more autumn wraps to please us, shaking them free of wrinkles, inhaling the spicy scents. She billows her wardrobe around us as we amble across crunchy ground. Her garments fit flawlessly.

The gigglers beset the miniature knight with twigs. He loudly protests the perceived injustice, then feints a jab toward them with his mighty sword – they screech, dodge and tongue-lash. He grins, satisfied. It is a wonderful day.

This is a remembrance day – a snap-shot moment – a God-given indentation of time. We linger in this wood together – the children, passing through this place in time toward their own future and their unique snap shots of life. One day they too will walk with other young ones not yet fleshed; they will relish the moments, their blessings, and their God.

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