Monday, November 22, 2010


Leafing through a current women’s magazine this morning, an article caught my eye. On a bright red background white letters proclaimed: 10 Things You Really Need. I couldn't wait to see what they were! Oh. The headline may have been a little shy of the truth and nothing but the truth a wee little bit.

I like make-up as well as the next female, but I don’t need lipstick to live. Eye shadow isn’t essential to keep me breathing. Nor do I have to possess eyeliner, blush or lip gloss to function. Concealer has never saved me from anything – brow pencil, foundation, mascara, and powder will not lengthen my days, my stamina, or broaden my intellect.

That ad is a good example of an attempt to focus us on froth. I know, it’s the business of a publication to major in the things their readers are interested in. And make-up is neither good nor bad – well, wait a minute; it’s good when it makes me look less like a ghoul some days. And I’ve seen some instances (sometimes in young girls with little supervision) when it oughta be against the law. But maybe a more accurate title would be: 10 Things You Might Like to Use, or even, 10 Things That Could Bankrupt You If You Buy Them at the Same Time. (The cost of these cute little things would be around $180 bucks.)

What if we came up with our own list of Some Things You Really Need?

One thing our lips really need is to have the truth on them. Truth looks good on every woman’s mouth; you don’t even have to decide on color – truth makes its own beautiful hue.

A mirror is essential (maybe one that magnifies?!) to examine the inner woman. Only as we honestly look into the Word and agree with God about our sins can we turn to him in repentance and confession and be healed. Don’t ignore the looking-glass because it reveals the truth.

Blush? Yeah, we should blush. But not by working pink powder into our cheekbones – rather, blushing when hearing or seeing ungodly words or actions, or if, God forbid, we ourselves behave as someone who does not know Jesus Christ.

Hiding our hurts, disappointments and sins from fellow believers will only result in hypocrisy and, contrary to what we think, will never convince anybody we’re perfect. We all need support and encouragement; covering up our struggles prevents others from giving that love to us. This is one time when patting concealer over blemishes is not a good idea. If you hide your sins you will not succeed. If you confess and reject them, you will receive mercy. Pro 28:13

The foundation we choose will determine whether we live eternally! No, not some tinted base we smear on our nose, but the Foundation we truly cannot live without - the Rock on Whom we take our stand – Jesus Christ!

Nothing brightens eyes like a joyful heart! All the shadow and liner in the world can’t manufacture sparkle in the “windows of the soul” if the heart is bitter or sorely grieved. Remembering that we are beloved women of God is a wondrous way to make those eyes light up!!!

Tweezers will tame wild, scraggly eyebrows (which misbehave as we get older), so they can properly frame our eyes. However, only the Lord can tame and subdue a haughty brow and spirit, which are abominations to him. Pride will destroy a person; a proud attitude leads to ruin. Pro 16:18

Every make-up session supposedly must include puffing on translucent powder for a sheer finish. It’s not for everyone, though; some look as though they dabbed themselves with a loaded chalkboard eraser (me). I think I’d rather depend on the holy Lord to finish me: God began doing a good work in you, and I am sure he will continue it until it is finished when Jesus Christ comes again.Phil 1:6

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pain in my body blocks my creativity; it shorts out my circuits. It makes me feel as though I suffer from ADHD. I can't concentrate, and feel edgy and tense. I can't be still, but it's impossible to get away from that discomfort. I certainly have a hard time being pleasant.

A sore, throbbing conscience affects my spirit in much the same way. It's almost as though my spirit shrivels, shrinks into itself, trying to recoil from the pain. Doesn't matter how busy I try to be - my suffering conscience is in the middle of every project. Doesn't matter where I go to try and escape; it tags along right beside me.

Just as the problem causing pain in my body has to be treated with the right medication, so my afflicted conscience needs the right (only) prescription: the ointment of repentance and confession. Salve compounded by God into a miraculous healing and freeing balm that completely relieves and soothes that raw conscience and frees my spirit to unfold its wings and fly.