Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pain in my body blocks my creativity; it shorts out my circuits. It makes me feel as though I suffer from ADHD. I can't concentrate, and feel edgy and tense. I can't be still, but it's impossible to get away from that discomfort. I certainly have a hard time being pleasant.

A sore, throbbing conscience affects my spirit in much the same way. It's almost as though my spirit shrivels, shrinks into itself, trying to recoil from the pain. Doesn't matter how busy I try to be - my suffering conscience is in the middle of every project. Doesn't matter where I go to try and escape; it tags along right beside me.

Just as the problem causing pain in my body has to be treated with the right medication, so my afflicted conscience needs the right (only) prescription: the ointment of repentance and confession. Salve compounded by God into a miraculous healing and freeing balm that completely relieves and soothes that raw conscience and frees my spirit to unfold its wings and fly.

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Jim said...

Good article, and so true.