Sunday, October 17, 2010

San Francisco post 11

The wait was worth it - baby Eden Grace is a beautiful bundle!! She looks very much like Nomi did as a newborn, even to the l-o-n-g feet. Airiel says she's a laid-back little girl, not a lot of wah-h-hing at all. They're scheduled to come home around noon today (Sunday).

We visited mommy and Eden yesterday - when asked about his sister, Conrad would invariably say with a grin: "That's Baby Sister, she's out of mommy's tummy!" He studied her for a minute (tickled her nose), then the mobile bed curtains caught his eye and he had a swing on them. Then he discovered that the charts hanging on the end of the bed made a good sound when swatted, then the telephone and call buttons proved to be very interesting - then he was sitting right beside daddy for awhile. Reminded me of when one of Wes's teachers, Evalee Morris, created a spot for busy Wesley right up against her desk.

Nomi hung over Eden, more quietly taking things in. Soon, however, the telly cartoons captured her attention and she propped up on the extra bed to enjoy them. We ended the outing with a drive-by visit to "Donald's." They're rather bossy at this one: a sign ordering you to "Have your order ready "; then another, "Have your money ready" as you approach the window. Jim would not please them: he delights in carefully picking out change as the person in the window stares at him.

Baby and entourage just arrived - all was chaos as the two other short people cavorted and squealed like excited puppies! Eden looks like a fashion diva in her green polka-dot hat and sleeper. Naomi softly oohed and ahhed; Conrad roared in her face. Welcome home, Eden!

God is so good!!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all your help during your stay.

Conrad came out of the bathroom today yelling, "Grandmama" looking for you to help him pull up his pants.

You are missed!