Monday, October 11, 2010

San Francisco post 9

This is the week!! Airiel's b-day is Wed, and the official due date for Eden is Thur. I cannot believe that this tiny baby will continue to party in her mommy's tummy past the 14th!!!

Ginger and family's vacation ended on a jarring note: Tim and Stephen set out early Sat morning to cycle across the Golden Gate Bridge - which they did. A few minutes later, though, while biking down an almost perpendicular part of a highway, Stephen's mount went berserk and threw him off onto a rock-littered side. He rolled and rolled, gathering multiple abrasions on his back and arms. His helmet was also cracked. His right leg, however, suffered worse trauma: the smaller bone broken near his ankle. One car stopped to see about him. Stephen said later, "That was really cool; they were French!" Two other vehicles slowed but didn't stop. Ginger had a few comments about them, but actually, it's a wonder the French family was able to stop b/c of zero shoulders on that road.

Another passer-by fetched Tim (he was ahead of Stephen, already around the curve) who promptly called an ambulance, which transported Stephen to a near-by hospital's ER. Oh yes, those cars that didn't stop? One of the guys showed up at the ER entrance, piercings adorning much of his person. "Hey, dude, I saw you roll," he offered.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Wes and Ginger jumped into the car and ... crawled to join them. Took them about two hours to go six miles - the air show traffic was thick as molasses. Anyway, Stephen eventually returned home, leg in a splint, cheerful and pain-free (pretty much).

After we'd time to meditate, we praised God that: 1. Nobody ran over him 2. He did NOT plunge over the opposite side of the hwy which dropped off into nothingness 3. His neck wasn't broken, or 4. He went to the ER, and not someplace else if you know what I mean. Thank You, gracious and merciful Father. They flew out early Sun for Memphis.

As they are wont to do, Wes and Airiel invited several people over for lunch yesterday. Our crockpot of chili looked mighty puny to feed seven adults and two kids. Airiel, however, was serene - "The Lord will provide." We did dump more beans into the chili, chop up carrot sticks, put out Fritos, sour cream, Ritz and Wheat Thins and - satisfied everyone. No 12 baskets of leftovers, but we sure didn't complain. One couple, new to SF, hailed from two different Russia-speaking countries, and tried chili for the first time. They liked it! Another guy, Spencer Hemphill, is the son of the author of a book on heaven - sorry can't think of the title. His dad recently spoke at the HU lectureship. Spencer is a great young man!

My granddaughter is up and anxious for granmama to start the day right by making her breakfast. I hope the next time I post I'll have news of the birthing sort.

God bless

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