Wednesday, December 7, 2011

O That Prayer!

I was dripping, blowing and talking funny because of allergies last Saturday, so didn’t get to give a scheduled devo at the Romance church’s Ladies Day. Sad face. I love those sisters and frankly, also love the delightful, homemade, holiday goodies I know from experience they would enjoy together. Anyway, I decided to post it here; nothing I can do, however, about the missed bon-bons, iced sugar cookies and the like.

I will always remember something Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family said years ago about prayer. He attributed his accomplishments in ministry (and the ministry itself) to the power of prayer. Most particularly, he credited the prayers of his great-grandfather, a godly man who consistently entreated blessings from the Lord not only for his sons and daughters, but also for his descendents in generations to come. What a testimony!

We can do the same!

What wonders would come to pass in our families 30, 40 or a hundred years from now if we began taking the time to regularly ask our God for stalwart warriors for him to arise from our sons and daughters many times removed? Godly seed. Calebs, and Gideons, and Davids, and replicas of the Lord Jesus Christ. How exciting would that be?!

Do it! Begin a prayer journal now, today. Birth a record that will be a testimony, a witness, for generations after you who will thank God for your foresight – and your faith. You don’t have to write dissertations in a journal; simply jot down the recipient’s name and a word or two about your requests for him or her.

I need a prayer group badly right now –I’m praying the Lord will bring that to reality with sisters in our present church family. I can’t wait to see what the Savior will do when we turn many hearts upward to him regularly. Have you ever been part of a group who raised their voices in praise, petition, and thanksgiving repeatedly and frequently? O, how God blesses those of us who cry out to him!

Confirms in our own minds that we are not self-sufficient.

Is an action that is a sacrifice of praise to the Father – Heb 13:15.

Confirms that we are not merely hearers of the Word, but do apply it – Jas 1:23.

Produces a peace understood by no human being, but which will guard our hearts and minds – Phl 4:6,7.

An action that helps conquer the weakness that lives in our human nature – Mt 26:41.

A weapon that helps in removing fear in those who preach about Jesus – Eph 6:19.

A weapon of the Spirit readily available anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

The avenue by which we can ask for more of the divine Spirit who dwells within us – Lk 11:13.

What’s not to love about prayer?

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