Tuesday, January 17, 2012


You gotta have GRIT to be a woman of inteGRITy.

A woman of integrity follows her convictions - those essential, unoptional beliefs that she holds - no matter what. To hang on to those beliefs takes grit (tenacity, determination, courage) many times. Opinions aren't on a level with convictions, and don't require much grit, so I have lots of them. I don't have very many convictions. I try to hold them down to just a few.

A woman of integrity must have grit to keep her mouth shut and ears closed when the gossiping begins in the office. Or in the church nursery.

It takes grit to keep promises made to God while on a spiritual high.

To gift her husband with her submission when she wants badly to have her way takes a substantial amount of grit.

It takes grit for the woman of integrity to resist the world's call to "do whatever makes you happy, live as you please, it's no body's business what you do."

Believing the Word of God takes grit, especially when friends take a more sophisticated view of Scripture.

A woman of integrity, a woman with grit, will remove anything from her life that prevents her from being the servant of Jesus Christ - note: not speaking of a husband or children.

To discipline a hardheaded teen who seems bent on destroying herself takes a truckload of grit.

How do I get grit?!! That steely determination called "grit" that's burrowed inside integrity is only as strong as my conviction that God is lodged within me and is working out his purposes in my life through godly convictions, integrity and lots of grit.

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