Saturday, December 15, 2012

Morning Hour

Perhaps it's normal that we Christians react to the horrible killings in CT (and stabbings in China) by begging the Lord to come back and take us out of this rotten world. Naturally, we are scared for our children and grans to any longer navigate the mess Satan has made! "Please, come take us to heaven as we hold our kids tightly!" That's my first response too.

But you know, it isn't just about us. If he were to come back today, what would happen to those sucked down into this rotten mess?

Jesus grieves not only for the broken-hearted families, but also for the sick ones captured by Satan to coldbloodedly kill. These evildoers are reprehensible in our eyes; at the same time, we must remember that a merciful, tender Savior loves them (Rm 5:8)- with no apologies. And he has asked his own request of us: "Will you make time to introduce ME to those without hope? Will you look outside your own world, to reach out to those who may, without me, become murderers?"


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