Tuesday, February 5, 2013

It's so refreshing to hear about the humble boldness of a child of God. Today a wife related how that when she and her hubby are in one of the local tributaries of a ginormous chain store, he in no way is there to shop. Spotting someone he doesn't know, he strolls over and engages him or her in chit-chat for a few minutes, then simply says, "You know, I may never see you again, so I'd like to talk with you about ...." He then proceeds to wade off into a discussion about Jesus Christ with this stranger!

The remarkable thing is, according to the wife, not one person has ever stomped off in a huff, or told him to mind his own business. As a matter of fact, they usually wind up pouring out their souls to this one who walks in where angels fear to tread. I'm sure one reason he is received so well is that he's one of the kindest men I've ever known. This isn't a new venture, he's been seeking out people in this same store for years.

In another instance, a lady was humbly bold enough to say in a brief exchange with a rough-looking acquaintance, that "Anyone is blessed if they're washed in the blood of Jesus." End of conversation. Oh, yes, this also happened at the tribulation - uh, I mean tributary of the big chain. However, some time later he called this Christian sister and pleaded with her to come pray for his sick wife. "I can't - I mean, I can't pray for her," he admitted, knowing he hadn't cultivated much of a speaking relationship with the Lord.

Not without misgivings, she nevertheless set out, asking God to be with her. The woman was indeed ill. After praying for the man's wife and visiting with her for awhile, they so connected with each other that a new friendship was forged. Who can say what eventually may result from this one interaction in the store?!

These comments came from a discussion of this question: How are you working to make a difference in your community? My thoughts immediately went to holding a public office, or beginning a shelter of some sort, or you know - big stuff. These two testimonies humbled me, yet greatly encouraged me to be aware of the seemingly less noticeable ways to do the work of God.

"Do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin ..." (Zec. 4:10).

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