Monday, September 20, 2010

San Francisco post 2

The weather is absolutely gorgeous - sunny, perfect temp, gentle breeze - think I'll take Nomi and Conrad outside after they get up from their fake naps.

Airiel just returned from her doctor visit; she's dilated one whole centimeter! Baby Eden is apparently ready to have some more wiggle room - she's head down and ready to go.

The kids and I went walking in the neighborhood yesterday afternoon while Airiel was napping. Nomi worried out loud that when mommy woke up she would be so sad because she wouldn't know where we were. She must have thought we were going for a l-o-o-n-g stroll. Actually I cut it short when this seemingly disoriented young guy who was talking to himself came our way. He probably was very nice but I didn't wait to see.

Wes's car had a close meeting with another car Sunday evening. The family wasn't with him. It was the other driver's fault (yes!) and, come to find out, their insurance policies are with the same company, so the mishap is being resolved quickly. The repair shop towed the Woodell Durango off last night and brought a rental car over this morning. Airiel informed us after her doctor visit that her bb touched the steering wheel.

Hey, my hubby told me he actually washed a load of clothes all by himself today! Let's hope they turned out okay - I don't want him looking "pretty in pink."

Would yall see if you can do something about getting rid of the hot sticky weather before I head back that way in a few weeks? I'd be indebted.

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