Saturday, September 25, 2010

San Francisco post 4

Last night at around 8 o'clock Naomi and I were finger painting. Both of them had good naps that afternoon, so guess which little kids were full of boundless energy and enthusiasm when mom and dad wanted wind-down?!! So to give us wilted adults a little respite from two short whirlwinds we dug out the watercolors, bowls of water and sponges to happily slosh around for awhile.

Airiel was overcome with a craving for soda pop yesterday afternoon, so we walked over to a grocery store a few blocks away. Passing another young pregnant lady on the sidewalk, Airiel said, "Any day." The passer-by replied, "Not until November." Well, maybe it didn't happen exactly that way, but that's close. Conrad spotted a car that was mad - the rest of us, however, were unable to pick it out.

I'm eating a fresh date with my morning coffee, both of which we bought at the Asian grocery. The coffee can has a Samurai on it poised to kill - I think that's a warning about the contents. Boy, is it powerful stuff! No wonder the Chinese have so much energy and talk so fast.

I am keeping up with my Beth Moore study in the new Breaking Free series. Here's good food for thought from today's lesson: A crucial part of liberation in Christ means allowing Him to fill our empty places ... I want everyone to know how complete He can make us feel. I'm not talking about a life full of activities. I'm talking about a soul full of Jesus. Amen!!!

Wes is preaching Sunday - I can't wait to hear him. He works so hard on his lessons - much, MUCH harder than he ever did on math or English in school! I'm glad. You can see the Lake Merced church bldg from our communal back yard. The apartment complex is built on a bluff which looks down on Brotherhood Way - wa-a-ay below - (the street the church bldg is on). It's nestled in between two Armenian church buildings, one liberal, the other conservative. One allows booze at their festivals, the other doesn't. There you go. Also available are Catholic and Jewish houses of worship, and another group who believes God is a woman. There you go.

I hope yall are enjoying the same type weather we're having here! Indian summer with the slightest little bite in the air. Perfect! God be praised for every good thing, and every little thing He does is good.

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