Thursday, September 30, 2010

San Francisco post 6

Tomorrow will be two weeks since I landed at the airport - time moves as quickly here as it does in Arkansas, apparently. I've stayed long enough I decided to wash the sheets on my bed -

Shopped at one of the many malls yesterday - Target is competing with Wally World, evidently, by expanding into super stores - after a fashion. Seemed to me the original departments were scaled back to make room for the new grocery section. Still, I managed to find a few things! As I meandered through my first visit to Macy's, I concluded I'm a Penney's kind of gal. The price tags blistered my eyes - $98 for a purse marked 40% off?!!! I was wishing I'd brought sunglasses and Visine. Conrad wasn't with me to render his verdict on the purses' signature scent.

Wes, Airiel and the kiddos went to a different mall, only to happen upon a great sale day at Old Navy - 50% off the already reduced prices. God's grace for a tight budget. Thank You, Lord.

Airiel, Naomi, Conrad and I made the monthly pilgrimage to the giant Costco store this week. Getting there near 10 a.m. probably saved us from insanity. By the time we left 45 minutes later, it was similar to a stirred-up nest of wasps. Thankfully, Airiel is like a guided missile with blinders; she zeroed in on each item on her mental list and chunked it into the cart without slowing down. The kids and I just hung on for dear life. Conrad did sing a lot. Reminded me of Wes singing "Elvira" lustily all through Wal-Mart when he was a toddler.

Our hearts are sad this morning also - a relative in our extended family has received a very discouraging report from the latest doctor visit. I'm not trying to be mysterious, but I don't feel free to reveal the name b/c I don't have permission to do so. Please pray for healing!!!

Please pray also for Satan's power to be bound in the lives of all of our teens and young adults - the deceiver is so set on capturing our precious ones at this vulnerable time in their lives. Let's pray God's wings will gather them in and guard them from eternal harm!!!

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