Monday, September 27, 2010

San Francisco post 5

Up early, dunking a peanut sandwich into my very strong coffee. Conrad just protested about something in his dream, but sunk back down into slumber after I patted him a little.

Naomi was hanging over the side of the couch yesterday talking to her mother. She asked, Mommy you know what? Granmama is my best friend!! Just one of my favorite moments of the day.

Wes's sermon yesterday was excellent. He examined and analyzed Christian love from many different angles and perspectives which made for a very motivating and encouraging lesson. I'm sure he'll post it on his website, if you'd like to access it. Good crowd for worship service, several visitors. Two very distinguished older couples sat near the front; both white-haired men stood straight and tall and wore suits (very noticeable among the mostly casually-dressed group). They seemed to be well acquainted with some of the older Lk Merced members. Turns out one of the gentlemen and the wife of the other were twins, and they had chosen to celebrate their birthday by returning to the church of their childhood. Actually, Lk Merced church began on 17th St. in downtown SF, then relocated at their present location years ago.

Wes and Airiel meet with their college kids every Sun night, so the little ones and I had the house to ourselves. We frolicked - well, if you call fishing frolicking. The pole is a long Lincoln log, the line a piece of string we found, the hook a frig magnet hot-glued to the string, the fish made of paper with a tiny paper clip attached to each. The pond is Conrad's Easter basket. Hey, it works for us!

Blessings to all.

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